Set List for Gunnersbury

Idbury Hill/Sheriff’s Ride

Captain Leno’s/Major Mackie

Uncle Bernard’s/Grandfather’s Tune

Mairi’s Wedding/Peat Fire Flame

Hector the Hero


Rusty Gully/Pawkie Adam Glen

Lilting Banshee/My Darling Asleep

Star Above the Garter

Arrangements so far!

Captain Lanoe’s/Major Mackie’s:

Hector the Hero harmony and arrangement:

Mairi’s Wedding/Peat Fire Flame arrangment:

Rusty Gully/Pawkie Adam Glen arrangement:

On this Monday (21st) we will look at The Lilting Banshee/May Darling Asleep, Uncle Bernard’s/Grandfather’s, Star Above the Garter and Idbury Hill/Sheriff’s Ride.

Arrangement for Captain Leno’s/Major Mackie

I’ve given you three files here, the first is the complete arrangement of the set in written out instructions. The other two are the compact scores for Captain Leno’s and Major Mackie. I’ve also made a video of the rhythmic variation for the B sections of Major Mackie.