Ladies Pleasure (Fieldtown)

Here is the video and dots for Ladies Pleasure, a tune from the Fieldtown Morris tradition and one that changes meter from 6/8 to 2/4. The ‘2’ over the patterns in bar three (and elsewhere) indicate a duplet, so instead of each main beat dividing into three quavers as it would normally in 6/8, it divides into two quavers.

Here is the video:

Here are the dots – the structure would normally be ABCBCB.

Wrong Foot Forward (second half)

This week saw us tackle the second half of our Flook tune, Wrong Foot Forward.

Here are the dots, with a little simplification to help to learn the shape of the tune. We’ll fill those spots in later, as shown in the PDF!

The PDF gives the full tune with chords, uke pattern and the groove rhythms that we layered up.

I can’t get the video to upload tonight, so I’ve have another go tomorrow!

Wrong Foot Forward (1st half)

Here is today’s tune, the first half of a fantastic tune by whistle player extraordinaire Brian Finnegan. Brian is a member of the band Flook – check out their live performance of this tune below! Their music can be found on Apple Music and Spotify, but if you enjoy their work then please consider supporting them by buying a CD or download.

Here are the dots to the first half of the tune – we will work on this next week and learn the second section. I’ve also included the groove rhythms with the 7/8 counting, complete with numbers and silly words (and no offence to any supermarkets reading these!).