The Valiant

Here is the tune from March 6th, The Valiant by East Anglian musician Simon Ritchie. We experimented with adding linking notes between sections – an A between the last C section and the first A section, an F# or a D between the C sections, and a BC run between the Bs. I’ve included some of these on the music, but have an experiment and see what else you can find.

Here is the PDF:

Set List for Gunnersbury

Idbury Hill/Sheriff’s Ride

Captain Leno’s/Major Mackie

Uncle Bernard’s/Grandfather’s Tune

Mairi’s Wedding/Peat Fire Flame

Hector the Hero


Rusty Gully/Pawkie Adam Glen

Lilting Banshee/My Darling Asleep

Star Above the Garter

Arrangements so far!

Captain Lanoe’s/Major Mackie’s:

Hector the Hero harmony and arrangement:

Mairi’s Wedding/Peat Fire Flame arrangment:

Rusty Gully/Pawkie Adam Glen arrangement:

On this Monday (21st) we will look at The Lilting Banshee/May Darling Asleep, Uncle Bernard’s/Grandfather’s, Star Above the Garter and Idbury Hill/Sheriff’s Ride.